Privacy and other things

Privacy is in our genes

Welcome to our website! We're thrilled you've decided to visit us instead of doing something more productive.

Here at Cynsar Capital , we don't collect any personal information because we don't actually know how. We're an aloof, high-minded organization focused on changing the world through artisanal bookmarks or whatever it is we do.

We built this entire website using Stackbit because one of our developers saw an ad for it and impulsively clicked "Try it Free!" Now we're in too deep to turn back. Oh, Stackbit, what have you done?

GitHub hosts our code because we heard it was hip with the youths. We don't know what GitHub does but supposedly it has something to do with tech? We're artists, man.

Now, if you're an investor, partner, or someone important, we may have dropped your name somewhere on this site. Sorry about that - we know name-dropping is tacky but we're starving for credibility here. Let's just edit that out later if it bothers you.

What else? Oh right, privacy stuff. Look, we don't sell your data because we don't have any to begin with. We use cookies to store information we'll never look at again. There are probably analytics tracking you but we wouldn't know how to access them. Honestly, you should be more concerned about us accidentally leaking everything than maliciously misusing anything.

And that's it! Thanks for reading this ironclad legal doc that is definitely not satire. We wish we could assure you we know what we're doing, but that would be dishonest. Enjoy exploring the site! Let us know if you find any cool bugs.