Global South Landscape

, by Saransh Sharma

The Global South encompasses Africa, Asia, and Latin America, offering promising opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. In 2021, these regions experienced significant growth in early-stage investments. Africa saw a surge with 1,057 deals worth $2.4 billion, indicating growing confidence in the African market. Asia recorded 11,258 deals valued at $111.3 billion, with China, India, and South Korea leading the way. Latin America had 4,203 deals worth $13.1 billion, reflecting investor interest in the region. 

However, securing funding in these regions presents challenges. Latin America faces limited access to capital, regulatory complexities, risk aversion from investors, and inadequate infrastructure. Asia encounters similar issues, along with language barriers, cultural differences, and intense competition. Africa also struggles with limited access to capital, regulatory hurdles, risk aversion, and infrastructure deficiencies. 

Despite these challenges, successful early-stage businesses in each region demonstrate innovation, strong teams, and effective networking to overcome barriers. Bridging the gap in funding is crucial, as a relatively low percentage of new businesses secure early-stage funding. With focused support, missed opportunities can be unlocked, fostering growth and generating returns for investors.

Imagine the vibrant entrepreneurial landscape in India, where every year, around 60,000 businesses emerge full of promise and ambition. However, a staggering fact remains: only a mere 1% of these startups manage to secure crucial seed funding. The rest are left to navigate treacherous waters, struggling to connect with the right investors or, sadly, simply fade away. 

But at Cynsar Capital, we're determined to revolutionise this reality. Armed with our unique insights and innovative VRPG formula, we're poised to bridge the funding gap that leaves so many incredible startups behind.

Just imagine the possibilities: those 600 fortunate startups that do secure funding collectively raise a staggering $3 billion USD. That's not all. More than half of these visionary companies (53%) go on to secure additional funding, generating impressive returns for their early investors. 

Now, picture this: with our unwavering commitment, if we could extend our support to even 5% of those 60,000 startups, we'd be unlocking an extraordinary pool of missed opportunities and boundless growth potential. The impact would be nothing short of remarkable.

At Cynsar Capital, we see the untapped potential that lies within each ambitious entrepreneur and their groundbreaking ideas. Together, let's seize this opportunity, unleash innovation, and redefine the future of Indian business.

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Embark on a transformative journey with Cynsar Capital, the premier investment firm that's deeply committed to the potential of early-stage businesses and startups within the vibrant Global South. Venture into a universe brimming with boundless potential, where we channelize growth and foster groundbreaking innovations in pivotal sectors that promise to dictate our collective future.