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Jaal Yantra Textiles

, by Saransh Sharma

Introducing Jaal Yantra , A New Wave in Fashion Are you tired of the fast fashion frenzy, the pollution, and inequality it promotes? So are we!

That's why at Jaal Yantra Textiles, we've reimagined clothing. With a focus on community collaboration, eco-creativity, and inclusivity, we've sculpted a brand that resonates with the soul and stands up for the planet.

Why Jaal Yantra?

1. Embrace the Art of Imperfection: Our clothing is not just a piece of fabric; it's a tapestry of dreams, culture, and community. Crafted to perfection, each dress tells a story.

2. Technology-Powered Insights: Our technology helps us gather end-to-end data, generating insights that empower our community members, ensuring:   - Marketplace Standardization   - New & Innovative Farming Practices   - Conflict Mitigation through Collaboration   - Transparency for Stakeholders   - And so much more!

3. A Symphony of Sustainability: Dive into a world where innovation meets eco-friendliness. Our commitment shines through:   - New Types of Fabrics and Materials   - Recycling and Intelligent Waste Disposal   - Monitoring Water & Energy Consumption   - Natural Fibers & Short Value Chains   - Intelligent Textiles & Eco-Creative Designs

4. Profitable Ethical Fashion: With a 6% CAGR, ethical textiles are booming. We are riding this wave with a commitment to sustainability that is both impactful and profitable.

5. Storytelling that Connects: We're not just selling dresses; we're narrating tales. From the grassroots to your wardrobe, we're weaving stories that connect with your heart, showcasing quality materials, and building positive relationships with the environment.

With Jaal Yantra, you are not just wearing a dress; you're donning a piece of art that embodies fairness, environmental love, and creativity.The supply chain for environment-friendly clothing is here, and it's ready to change the world. Let's weave the future together, one dress at a time.

Connect with them at to learn more or become a part of the Jaal Yantra family.

With Earth-Loving Fashion,

Jaal Yantra

We have invested early stage where board members are Piyush Gupta and Sarvottam Kumar Jha.


Piyush stands as a testament to the blend of creativity and craftsmanship in the world of fashion. Trained meticulously in fashion design, Piyush has lent his skills to numerous eminent brands across India, contributing to their design narratives and enhancing their sartorial offerings. His vast experience and keen eye for detail made him the ideal figure to initiate "Jaal Yantra," a brand that combines innovation with tradition.At Jaal Yantra, Piyush plays a pivotal role, overseeing both the operational and functional facets of the e-commerce platform. His expertise ensures that the brand not only delivers quality but also stays aligned with contemporary fashion trends, all while preserving the essence of traditional craft.Sarvottam, fondly known as Sham, is the storyteller of Jaal Yantra. His journey with the brand began with a crucial task: sourcing the finest fabric from the skilled weavers of West Bengal. This endeavor not only paved the way for Jaal Yantra's initial collection but also cemented Sham's role in the brand's narrative.Beyond sourcing, Sham's prowess lies in his ability to weave stories. He actively covers tales for Jaal Yantra, encapsulating the brand's ethos, its evolution, and its association with artisans. Furthermore, his adept networking skills have been instrumental in finding the best sources for clothes, ensuring that Jaal Yantra’s offerings remain unparalleled in quality and authenticity.Together, Piyush and Sarvottam (Sham) form the backbone of Jaal Yantra, each bringing their unique strengths to the table, ensuring the brand's growth and continued success.

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