About our business

Cynsar Capital was founded in 2021 by Saransh, an entrepreneur with experience in building financial tools,  and Cici, a retired corporate finance attorney. Saransh, with his expertise in developing research-oriented businesses, handles the key operations. Cici, with her experience as a financial lawyer, serves as an advisor and initial investor.

Cynsar Capital has dedicated considerable time and resources to conduct extensive internal research in collaboration with our partners. This investment has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of market size and emerging opportunities. Based on our findings, we have identified specific areas of management in which we aspire to take the lead and offer innovative solutions.

Our premise is straightforward: In the Global South, only a small percentage of businesses manage to shine in their early stages compared to the volume of early-stage funding available in the Global North. Consider that out of approximately 200,000 startups in the Global South, a mere 2% garner early-stage support. Imagine the potential if, through our steadfast dedication, we could elevate this number to support even 5% of these startups. By doing so, we'd be tapping into a vast reservoir of overlooked opportunities and unparalleled growth. The ripple effect would be truly transformative.

We serve as a mental support system, akin to therapists emotional anchors, allowing entrepreneurs to express themselves freely. This fosters a healthier business development process and facilitates more fruitful deals throughout their journey.

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